Growing Our Own Vegetables For Better Quality & Flavour

In the same way that we aim to make as much of our own dishes as possible our interest in growing, raising and sourcing produce locally is an important part of our business and one which, over time, we will expand.


This along with the heightened awareness of food provenance and interest into where the food comes from both ourselves and our guests that trying to grow our own veggies was a natural thing to do.

'Food Miles' are also a big concern for us. We try and avoid using vegetables that are transported from far flung countries with the inherent costs and pollution.

We ask for the best in quality, freshness and flavour and by growing our own we have maximum control over these areas.

It is our first year so we are testing what grows well and what doesn’t and certainly the cold spring didn’t help. We have already learnt valuable lessons for next year.

We update our menus each day to take advantage of what is available from the garden and polytunnel. This level of quality and freshness could not be obtained from suppliers.

Alas in the same way that we cannot, at the moment, produce enough bacon and sausages ourselves to supply our breakfasts we cannot grow enough of certain vegetables that we use ie tomatoes, potatoes so we aim to grow as many of the others as possible.

What next after pigs and vegetables?

Our own ales?

Watch this space………..