Cost of Veranda Conservatories

Cost of Veranda Conservatories

Variations on Lean-to Conservatory Styles

Cost of Veranda ConservatoriesWith this variation on the design of fully fitted conservatories the roofing panes extend over the front or leading edge of the conservatory frame.

This takes the glass further forward so that it carries out over the frame to create a covered and weather protected seating area where you can sit outside of the room but still enjoy decent protection from the outside weather.

Structural strengthening or modifications should be taken into consideration when exceeding a projection of over 4 metres, and depending on the size and location of your lean to Conservatory, it is also prudent to consider any building regulation or planning permission requirements.

For Conservatories, security is to a high standard with tempered safety glass as standard, multi- point locking for doors and window openers. Dwarf walls or brickwork added to bring “character” is often a feature, as it gives more “texture” to the look, making your room visually more interesting.

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